Archived on 6/5/2022

Review of polling districts and places in Forest Hill - have your say

5 Oct '21

Lewisham Council is undertaking a review of all polling district and places in the borough.

The proposals can be seen here - Lewisham Council - Polling district review

We welcome views from any electors and especially those with a disability, or who have expertise in accessibility arrangements.

As councillors, we are also being consulted on those so feel free to post your feedback here if it’s easier and I can relay it.

The formal deadline is 29 October.

6 Oct '21

I support the removal of the portacabin, with a diesel generator (although it is just outside the ULEZ), and the reduction in voting locations in Forest Hill.

I’m not sure that Eliot Bank school and the library are both needed are polling venues. I would suggest Horniman Museum and the Library if that were possible. Residents on Thorpewood and Kirkdale could shift to WF02 and Taymount and London Road could become part of WF06 with polling at the Horniman.

I would be more annoyed if I lived in the far east or south west of Perry Vale ward with the loss of sites A and L. While there are two sites F & G for WPE3 that are adjacent.

6 Oct '21

The upper part of Thorpewood, that is. Under the proposals the lower part (+ Radlet) is already in WF02. Suits us. Happy to walk down to the Library rather than up to Eliot Bank School.

6 Oct '21

A suggestion for Perry Vale ward is next door. I’m up for that.

7 Oct '21

I’m pleased to see that under the new proposal all residents of Sunderland Road (Perry Vale ward) will now be able to vote at the same polling place. It was particularly annoying that for many years those living on one side of the road have been able to vote at Perrymount School while those of us on the other side of the road were expected to make the longer walk to St George’s School passing Perrymount School on the way! Whilst I’d be quite happy just to be able to vote at Perrymount School I’d also support the planned switch to the Friends Meeting House.

11 Oct '21

Thanks all. On the FH side, I also agree with the removal of the Portacabin but can see that that leaves some residents far away from a polling station. I have discussed with officers - the Horniman isn’t really viable for a number of reasons (they’d already looked into it) but we’re looking at other options, one of which would be to move Taymount rise and adjoining part of London road into WF05. Also looking at the possibility of moving Tyson road into WF03. I know @LeoGibbons has also suggested other options to better suit residents on Elliott bank, Wood Vale and Sydenham Hill. I will keep updating on here.