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Free: Coat hooks

6 Oct '21

Hello all,

We have two items for sale. See below for full descriptions of each.

Edit: We haven’t had much luck with these - and we really want to get rid of them - so if anyone wants to make an offer then happy to consider.

  • String shelving - £60
  • “Hang it all” coat hooks - £20

Collection from Honor Oak Park. Let me know if you have any questions.


String shelving - £60

  • Genuine String shelving set in grey - Products from String Furniture - String Furniture
  • 2 wall panels and 3 shelves
  • Good condition - paint coming off in a couple of places along the edge of the shelves, but if you have this edge against the wall and you won’t be able to tell.
  • Rough dimensions 80cm long, 72cm high, 30cm deep.

Photo of them dismantled:

Photo of them in our old kitchen:

"Hang it all" coat hooks - £20

  • Reproduction of the Eames “hang it all” coat hooks.
  • Not actually sure where they are from as they were a gift, but they look similar to Miller Hang it all | peg white
  • Excellent condition
  • Rough dimensions 50cm wide x 37cm high


On the wall:

23 Oct '21

Hi - if anyone is interested at all, we’ll happily accept £40 for the String shelving unit.

Would also accept £10 for the coat hooks.

Just need to clear some space as they’re cluttering up the house.

Message me if interested.



24 Oct '21

Hi Cosmo

We’d be interested in the shelves. Can’t seem to DM you though!



24 Oct '21

Hi also interested in the shelves put also can’t pm

24 Oct '21

@Cosmo has DM capabilities so if he DM’s you then you will be able to respond back.

24 Oct '21

@Cosmo has DM capabilities so if he DM’s you then you will be able to respond back.

9 Nov '21

Update - shelves are gone, but coat hooks are still available.

Free to anyone who wants them?

8 Jan '22

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