Archived on 6/5/2022

Suspicious encounter (poss. dog thieves)

6 Oct '21

Hi all,

I’m new to this but I’ve had a rather strange encounter yesterday that I wanted to share: I left the house to take our dog for a walk in the early evening (SE23, Woolstone Road area) and I see a woman pulling along her dog who’s trying to wee, walking into the opposite direction up the street. A couple of minutes later, a big dark BMW with tinted windows is pulling up right next to me and I’m immediately gearing up for getting the dog robbed. The same woman I saw just before gets out of the passenger seat with the dog and the car drives off. Our dogs say hello and she makes small talk and asks me whether my dog is a Labrador (he’s a mix) and how old he is, then walks off (down the street). I’m now worried that she and her dog might act as bait for dog thieves and know where we live.

Be careful out there with your hounds. Description: slim woman in her 30s, dyed-blonde hair, dark blue down coat, dog’s a red spitz/Pomeranian mix or something similar.