Archived on 6/5/2022

Forest Hill School becomes only school in London to achieve Stonewall Gold Status

14 Oct '21

I visitied the school a couple of weeks ago just as they were awarded Gold Status, and you could see how proud they were of it (rightfully so). I was really impressed by the school ethos.

Well done to all involved, it’s great to have a school like this in SE23.

Some quotes:


Under the refreshed award programme, Forest Hill School is currently the only school in London with Stonewall Gold status – and one of only two secondary schools in the country! At FHS, we are wholly committed to continuing to improve our inclusion and celebration of LGBTQ+ people and identities. #FHSandProud

Lewisham weekly email:

Earlier this week I went with Cllr Chris Barnham, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and School Performance, to Forest Hill School to celebrate them being awarded Stonewall Gold Status.

The award gives recognition to schools tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and celebrating diversity, and Forest Hill is the only school in London to be awarded the status. The school has done so much to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality, including inclusive lessons and policies, and I know everyone at the school - and the Council - is really proud that their work has been recognised in this way.

Every child should feel safe and valued in school. Forest Hill are changing the experience of LGBTQ+ children in school and I hope other schools will follow their success. Well done to everyone at Forest Hill School for this incredible achievement - we are very proud of you!

Sadly the work of Stonewall – and Forest Hill School – is still incredibly important and necessary, as is the national Hate Crime Awareness Week, which we also marked this week.

Hate crime involves targeting individuals, groups and communities because of who they are. It covers all criminal offences from verbal abuse to property damage. Our staff were out in the borough this week to share information about hate crime and the support available for those experiencing it.

Find out more about hate crime, local support and how to report it on our website.

15 Oct '21

Given the increasing controversy around Stonewall’s lobbying influence, I’m not sure it’s actually something to be proud of.

16 Oct '21

Stonewall’s influence in present day academia is nothing if not controversial. Look at what has been happening to the hapless Professor Stock at University of Sussex (to name but one) when she took issue with the Stonewall orthodoxy that seems to have become embedded at that university and many others. As for “hate speech/crime”, well Prof Stock has been on the receiving end of a bucket load of that. It seems as if while hating people for who they are is (rightly - needless to say) frowned upon - it appears to be ok to hate and be aggressive to those who think differently or have a different point of view. It will be Thought Crime like in 1984 next. just wait …

16 Oct '21

As a parent this makes me more likely to choose Forest Hill School in the future for my son. A school that is actively ensuring that it is an inclusive place for all is a big plus in my books. Well done to all involved!

16 Oct '21

For me, IF it achieves balance, respect, tolerance and an understanding of everyone’s views and preferences, without trying to force any single agenda down anyone’s throat I’m all for it - and that goes for race, religion and people’s social status as well.

16 Oct '21

Precisely this for me also.