Archived on 6/5/2022

Picking up Rapid Lateral Flow Tests from pharmacies - you need a collect code first

30 Oct '21

I know this is not strickly local, but as I was in the local pharmacy today and 2 people went in wanting Lateral Flow tests and were unaware you needed a code before collecting them, I thought I’d post that here. I was also onlky aware as a family member told me when they needed one.

Details on the government site - if you have a smart phone you can do it in the pharmacy but better of course to have it beforehand.

How to get regular rapid tests

Order tests to do at home

You can get rapid lateral flow test kits sent to your home.

Order rapid lateral flow home test kits on GOV.UK

Pick up tests from a pharmacy

You can get up to 2 packs of 7 rapid tests from a local pharmacy.

If you give the pharmacy a ‘collect code’ when you pick up the tests, it helps the NHS match your details to the tests. Get a collect code on GOV.UK

Find a pharmacy near you where you can collect rapid tests

Pick up tests from test sites

Some test sites have stopped providing home test kits for collection. But you’ll still be able to pick up tests from collection points run by community organisations, like libraries.

Find a test collection point near you

Go to a test site

You can get tested at a rapid lateral flow test site.

If you go to a test site:

  • you may need an appointment, so check before you go
  • a trained helper might be able to help you do the test
  • you’ll get a text or email with the result when it’s ready

Find where to get a rapid lateral flow test

20 Dec '21

But it doesn’t mean there will be any tests for you to collect. I have a ‘collect code’, but as far as I understand it, I am no nearer to getting a pack of tests.

20 Dec '21

Yes it seems there are some shortages, at certain times.

I got mine pre the Omicron main surge so I guess they were much more in stock then.

We have had some luck ordering them online to be posted to us, so this near Xmas and with current demand that might also be delayed somewhat.

20 Dec '21

They’ve been reliably available at Medicos on Stansted Road despite the sign saying they aren’t available.

20 Dec '21

Good to know, we have two positive tests in the house so I may need to pick up some more at some point, but think we can manage until end of isolation, unless we all come down with it.

23 Dec '21

I just ordered some online they came in 2 days, no Postal Delays in sight :+1:

You can order one pack of seven every day.

23 Dec '21

I went in today and sadly the sign was correct - they were all out!

That’s good, we’ve also found online ordering for delivery works well , but know of some in our school group who have been waiting a while for them (a week or so) but this does seem the best option at present.

I assume the pressure on LFT will reduce quite a bit after Xmas as people test less as they will have seen family etc and vulnerable people they might not as much normally…and hopefully the London Omicron wave is at or near peak.

24 Dec '21

Sorry to hear that. Are you desperate for some - I could give you some?

24 Dec '21

Thanks, that’s really kind of you.

I think we are ok for now, we’ve ordered some online so hopefully they will arrive after Christmas.

Both the kids are positive, and we did the day 6 test which still came back positive :hushed: so it just depends how long we need to keep testing for! Though strangely the test and trace person told me not to test for 90 days as they could easily show up positive so not sure how this 6 day and 7 day thing works? I did hear on the radio they thought LFT were good for finding COVID when contagious, but PCR much better when you had the actual virus with symptoms, which I guess is why they say PCR if you have symptoms, Lateral Flow if not.