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Street Art Penge Book raising funds for St Christopher’s Hospice

6 Nov '21

SprayExhibition20 – The Street Art of Penge and Anerley.

Since 2016 Penge and Anerley has become a hub for Street Art in London, with SE20 having hosted over 400 artworks to date. So in acknowledgment of how this project has grown beyond our wildest dreams, we thought it was time to share some of this project with anyone who is interested. SprayExhibition20 – The Street Art of Penge and Anerley is the first publication to showcase the art of Penge and Anerley, covering a selection of work from 110 artists spanning 2016-2020. The book offers a peek behind the scenes and tells the story of how this quiet little corner of London has become one of London’s largest open-air galleries, documented by London Calling Blog and Street Art Atlas.

All proceeds go to St Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham. Free UK Postage.

280 pages

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