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Harry Potter star sparks ‘outrage’ at bizarre way he drinks a cup of tea

7 Nov '21

Bit of a weird one here, but MyLondon is reporting on recent ‘controversial’ comments by Harry Potter star Timothy Spall, who played the baddie Peter Pettigrew (AKA Wormtail) in the Harry Potter films.

He’s a Forest Hill local, and apparently likes to make his tea with a bag of Yorkshire and Earl Grey - at the same time!!

The somewhat ad-laden and silly article is here, though I feel I may have spoilt the punchline already:

Perhaps more interesting is Timothy Spall’s impressive career, detailed at Timothy Spall - Wikipedia

7 Nov '21

Possibly it’s worth noting we have a list of notable and famous people at the following topic: Famous Forest Hill / Honor Oak Residents

7 Nov '21

I once saw the critically acclaimed children’s entertainer Timmy Mallett outside Forest Hill train station. It was at the height of his fame and quite a crowd gathered asking for autographs (no selfies back then), never saw him in the area again so don’t think he was actually a resident but it was the talk of the area for quite sometime.

7 Nov '21

No he isn’t. Used to live in Honor Oak actually but moved out years ago.

12 Nov '21

He was in Forest Hill before Honor Oak, but moved out in the early 90s