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Food bank for baby formula, nappies etc

7 Nov '21

Hi, is anyone aware of a food bank type place near Honor Oak Park that needs nappies, baby formula and clothes? I have some I’d like to get rid of. I think there’s one near Peckham Park but I emailed them a while ago and got no response. Thanks.

7 Nov '21

Yes, the Lewisham Foodbank is on 118 Malham Road close to HOP.

They would be happy to get nappies, maybe formula, probably not clothes. They’re open for donations 9-5 weekdays. You can ping them on Twitter or Instagram, or email them if you have questions.

7 Nov '21

This isn’t HOP, but not too far away Lewisham Donation Hub were listing nappies as something they were looking for today:

7 Nov '21

Constable & Toop the funeral directors on Honor Oak Park take donations for the foodbank in Malham Road if that is nearer.

6 Jan '22

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