Archived on 6/5/2022

Beadnell Road

9 Nov '21

Hi there. Does anybody live in Beadnell Road - would appreciate any feedback on how it feels living opposite the industrial estate with train line at the back? Do you feel safe walking home from forest hill station in the evenings? Any pitfalls to watch out for. Would be grateful for your comments.

12 Nov '21

We’ve been happy on Beadnell Road, despite the mix of different types of housing and commercial premises. On the whole it’s a quiet street, the neighbours are friendly, and it feels safe walking home at night.

The industrial estate is normally quiet, especially at weekends. There is the occasional loud stereo or alarm, but this happens once or twice a year at most. There is much to be said from having a Travis Perkins and a really good garden centre (Shannons) across the road.

The railway noise is not as noticeable as you might expect, mainly because of the nature reserve that extends half way down the road (the entrance is at the top of the road). You are some way removed from the trains, the trees dampen much of the train noise, and the trains don’t run at night. Overall the gardens have quite a secluded feel as they aren’t overlooked.

Hope this helps.