Archived on 6/5/2022

Hovering helicopter with beam

17 Nov '21

There so a helicopter hovering somewhere between HOP, Crofton Park and Catford I think. Likely a police helicopter which are sadly common nowdays.

However it appears to have a beam shooting down to earth - I saw it come on. Is this new? I’ve never seen it before.

Or have the aliens arrived and I should quickly watch War of the World’s to see how victory can be sealed?

18 Nov '21

It was rather intrusive, wasn’t it? Probably the plod searching for ne’re do well’s. On another note, HOP is blocked off due to roadworks. Barriers blocking through traffic from Grierson Road onwards. Numerous u-turns or a quick run around the block.

18 Nov '21

It was hovering directly over my block on Brenchley Gardens for a long time, looked like the light was pointing at Nunhead cemetery (ish). I didn’t even think to take a picture!

Wait it out, covid’ll get em.

18 Nov '21

It was hovering over our roads off of Stondon Park about 9pm last night, extremely noisy!
I suppose they were looking for someone running around in Brenchley Gardens or One Tree Hill.