Archived on 6/5/2022

Parking Malham Road by Industrial units

20 Nov '21

Had my car written off opposite Shannon’s garden centre by a lorry turning into the industrial units

20 Nov '21

Did you manage to get the details for insurance purposes?

Sorry this happened, very annoying for you.

22 Nov '21

Thank you, luckily, Steve from Rodneys garage took all the details down for me and with some helpful advice from Alex at Rodneys, I have made a successful claim.
This has happened several times to cars along this part of Malham due to larger lorries delivering to the kitchens in the units. It really is a nightmare, there can be several lorries trying to get in or out and they can only go up or down Malham Road.

I had the bumper of another car ripped off when I was on Wastdale, a lorry turning into Malham, I had to claim from my insurance that time.

28 Nov '21

Does anyone know anything about Sammy, a used car dealer in Streatham?