Archived on 6/5/2022

Broadband recommendations

24 Nov '21

Our broadband contract with BT came to the end and now looking into switching as BT is just too pricey (and don’t want to give worthwhile discount). What providers are people with around Wastdale road SE23 and how happy are you with them? We need fast fibre broadband. Particularly interested in feedback on speed, reliability and customer service, esp. on Plusnet. But others too. Thank you.

24 Nov '21

Welcome to hope the following helps.

BT are currently offering the cheapest superfast deal they have put out in a year,unfortunately only available to new customers. For best deals try here Compare Best Broadband Deals for November 2021 - MSE.
We are about to change to Vodaphone Superfast fibre(55Mb+) which works out at £15.84 a month over 24 months.