Archived on 6/5/2022

Yardleys Brockley Rise - anyone know what is planned?

30 Nov '21

Looks like work on the front is under way, the inside still looks like it has some way to go bit I couldn’t see properly. Anyone know what, if anything, is planned?

// This is down near Sans Store / Soundheart not far off the South Circular.

1 Dec '21

Love those old signs.

1 Dec '21

Curious - DC/21/122469 was refused in August, noting the plans retain a small shop.

Reasons for refusal:

Perhaps they are having another go? Whatever they do, I hope they retain a shop as that front is really starting to take on some character, and it will be useful if the Jenner site is redeveloped.

1 Dec '21

They did have this one approved last year and the planning permission for that version will still be in place.

It looks as though they maybe tried to squeeze an extra flat in.

1 Dec '21

That one keeps the shop too, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: