Archived on 6/5/2022


6 Dec '21

Just to raise awareness, over the last month there have been a number of thefts of bicycles and vehicles (and criminal damage to some railings a bike was locked to) parked on Taymount Rise. It culminated today in the theft of some workmens tools from their van in broad daylight.

Keep a look out and make sure you secure your property.

10 Dec '21

Somebody tried to break into one of our neighbours house at 7pm last weekend. We have small windows either side of the street door & whoever it was broke this glass, but they didn’t get in.
The man concerned lives on his own, but didn’t hear a thing.
We do have a WhatsApp group for our road, so we keep in touch regularly, that’s how I found out.

22 Dec '21

The theives were back again tonight and broke in to a neighbour’s garage, stealing a bike. This is despite them being spotted and challenged for trying to open the very same garage door just minutes earlier.

Description is two men wearing black puffa jackets and hoodies. Clearly very brazen.