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Survey for Proposed contract merger of The Jenner Practice, Bellingham Green Surgery and South Lewisham Group Pratice

7 Dec '21

There is a very short survey asking for views, link below. The stated plan, according the text below, is to keep the 3 sites.

The combined practice will still operate across all three sites and offer at least the same, or improved), range of services you receive currently

Modality Lewisham Contract Merger - Patient Voice


Modality Partnership is one of the largest GP partnership in the country, and is owned and run by NHS GPs. In July 2018, the GP partners at Bellingham Green Surgery, South Lewisham Group Practice, and The Jenner Practice merged into the Modality Partnership are are now known as Modality Lewisham. We continue to operate the three Lewisham practices with the aim of providing better healthcare services for all our patients.

As a patient, you may not have noticed too many changes at the beginning of the partnership merger but during the pandemic the way we operate services has had to change. Covid-19 has meant the demand for care has been, and remains, a huge challenge for us. Our staff have worked tirelessly under extreme pressures delivering our successful Covid vaccination programme and continuing to provide health care. We have faced challenges with GP partners retiring, recruiting new doctors and high staff turnover; at times the demand for services has been overwhelming and this has created a high level of burnout amongst staff.


Joining Modality Partnership has already made a massive difference to the Modality Lewisham GP Partners as it has given us the required stability to keep going but there is still much more that needs to be done to secure the long term viability of our practices. We believe by bringing all three practices together to operate as one overall practice is the right next step. We already operate together to provide healthcare as Modality Lewisham primary care network, and have successfully administered over 33,000 Covid vaccinations for our patients at our vaccine hub at The Jenner Practice.

Our main aims for the change are:

• Increase your access to our primary care team
• Increase your choice to see your preferred Doctor or health care professional
• Introduce access to different services making sure you see the right healthcare professional at the right time

• Ensure identical and high quality service across all three sites

• Merge and make uniform administrative and clinical services across all three sites to increase resilience and build strength


The combined practice will still operate across all three sites and offer at least the same, or improved), range of services you receive currently, including:

• Direct access to specialist support such physiotherapists, paramedics and pharmacists, etc.
• The same or improved opening hours to make it more convenient for you to access our help.
• Increased staff flexibility meaning you are more likely to speak to your usual GP, nurse and practice team as a result of the proposed changes.
• More online services to save you time to travel and come into the practice unless it is medically necessary, although you will still be able to access if you do not use a computer, tablet or a mobile through non-digital methods.

• Combined telephone services across all sites improving access for those who chose to phone us.

• Enlargement of our current pharmacy team to ensure your medications are right for you and you know how to take them
• A larger and wider representation of participants in our patient participation groups to help us to shape and improve our services.


We are here to serve you as our patients and would not make changes without consulting you, and really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey and let us have your thoughts. We want and need your valuable input and support so we can take our plans to commissioners.

8 Dec '21

I’m sure my friend is with the Bellingham Green surgery. I will have to tell her.