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FOR SALE: Pre ordered fresh 5kg Turkey from William Rose Butchers for Xmas

7 Dec '21

I managed to get myself and the household into a right old predicament and have ended up with an extra turkey on order at William Rose butchers.

It’ll be fresh, ready and waiting for pick up on the 24th December. You can take the order slip to their side door and they will hand it straight over to you rather than having to queue halfway down Lordship Lane.

Looking for £65 which is exactly what I paid for it. Thanks!

7 Dec '21

I’ve got an original Kelly Bronze on order for the big day. But now won’t be here to cook it. Thankfully they’ll refund it. Won’t William Rose do the same? They’re always loads who forgot to order their bird or roast looking for something come December 24th.

7 Dec '21

What a shame! I hope the substitute is just as good. Popped in today and asked them but had no luck. Some waffle about it already being ordered and paid for. I’m sure once word gets out someone will be keen.

P.S - Jumping that infamous queue must be worth £65 alone!

5 Feb '22

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