Archived on 6/5/2022

Catalytic Converter theft - again

9 Dec '21

For the second time in 9 months - two different cars - I’m a crime victim again.

My old ancient Honda was attacked last March in Grierson Road, now my three year old Toyota has suffered the same indignity just a few hundred yards away. Reading up, Toyota use far fewer precious metals than they used to and the thieves won’t make much but that wouldn’t appear to deter them.

I should have got Cat protection but I was assured by the car dealer that it was highly unlikely to be targetted. Clearly they were wrong.

I’m now lumbered with a £450 excess when I could have spent no more than £200 getting protection fitted.

Get your Catalytic Converters protected.

9 Dec '21

My neighbour just off Perry Vale had the same problem. We didn’t see or hear anything, so they must be super fast and quiet. Also a Toyota, so perhaps the thieves haven’t got the message yet.