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Free baby stuff SE26

10 Dec '21

Our baby has outgrown a number of items and toys. If any if these are of interest to anyone they’re free if you can come and pick them up!

  1. Snuzpod 4 (Natural finish) with mattress and mattress protector. Already fully assembled, comes with original instructions, reflux bars, and bed straps.
  1. Play gym, travel size activity blanket, and tummy time roll
  1. Baby food making kit (never used)
  1. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
10 Dec '21

Hello! We’re expecting our first child, due in a few weeks, and would love all of this. We could pick up on Sunday if convenient? Thanks!

10 Dec '21

Well done @bk2uk the generous donator of these items, for going the extra mile and describing everything even though all is being given away for free :heart:

Welcome to the forum @Placker and hope you are successful in being the reciever of these wonderful freebies! :smiley:


10 Dec '21

It’s all yours! Sunday works as well, please email me at and we can arrange a time :slight_smile:

8 Feb '22

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