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London museum and galleries Christmas opening dates

18 Dec '21

For anyone wondering where to go between Christmas and New Year, IanVisits has put together a comprehensive table of museums and galleries and the days they are open:

Nice work Ian!

Note: it’s best viewed in desktop mode as a single table.

18 Dec '21

I hope very much they are allowed to open. I suspect we will know pretty soon whether they can, possibly by end of this Sunday. I fear that anything indoor, including museums and galleries may soon be closed. Sorry to be gloomy.

20 Dec '21

Assuming the doom mongers don’t get their way I would recommend Eltham Palace; a moated Art Deco mansion attached to a Tudor Great Hall where Henry VIII played as a child and surrounded by beautiful gardens.
I must declare an interest as I volunteer there but I am constantly surprised by the number of visitors from the local areas who’ve never been there before &/or didn’t even know it was there.

20 Dec '21

Good suggestion! I’ve added Eltham Palace into our day trips topic: Great day trips from SE23

18 Feb '22

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