Archived on 6/5/2022

Fairlawn School fence display

19 Dec '21

Anyone know the significance of this striking display of clothes on the school fence?

19 Dec '21

LOL, it’s unclaimed lost property!

20 Dec '21

Probably… It’s a reminder that children take clothes to school & forget them.
They’re children and lost property happens.
However, if parents/carers put their child’s name inside clearly, it wouldn’t be lost if labelled correctly.
Schools can only keep them so long because of the mass of forgotten clothing they acquire over each term from 200+ children in school daily. Eventually they will go to charity shops to do someone a good turn.
The wellies could be passed to other schools for muddy kitchens/reception classes or forest school experiences. If they (Fairlawn) don’t need them themselves.
A MASSIVE label attached on fence could ask parents/carers to label them. Could be comical and clear.
It’s a message that’s worked because there’s a thread here.

20 Dec '21

Thanks! So obvious, it never occurred to me. But it does make good street art too. Not sure how much good the clothes will be for a charity shop after being left outside over the holiday!

21 Dec '21

When I worked at Fairlawn the amount of lost property we had was unreal, & it wasn’t all cheap clothes or shoes either!
I don’t know what they do now, but every half term we used to send letters out to parents to come & look & claim their property.
Another thing was coats & jumpers being put down as goal posts. (I can’t remember if my son did this, but he always came home with his coat!
I always, always used to say to parents plead, put your child’s name & class in their clothes, then we can return them or it makes them easy to find.
All it takes is an indelible pen, which I would always have with me!
Unfortunately it seems some or quite a lot actually parents have money to burn, I certainly didn’t!
Any clothes not claimed were at first given to charity. Then the PTA arranged to have any unclaimed clothes sold to a charity that would collect.