Archived on 6/5/2022

South Asian supermarkets nearby

21 Dec '21

Anyone know the nearest reasonably large shop selling Indian food produce? I’ve always found them sadly lacking in the area. Looking for Urid Beans and some fancy spices. Sainsbury’s didn’t cut it.

21 Dec '21

We usually go to Sathyam stores in Lewisham. That said SMBS foods in East Dulwich have quite a decent selection, you might be able to find Urad Dal and most spices there.

21 Dec '21

Khan’s Bargain on Rye Lane in Peckham are your lads for spices, rice, pulses and much much more besides.

I must go soon as I need some more pomegranate molasses.

21 Dec '21

We get Urid Beans from SMBS every year (haven’t found them anywhere else).
Went there this morning to get some!