Archived on 6/5/2022

Taymount Rise - ice

22 Dec '21

Take care if you are walking or driving up Taymount Rise, the ongoing water leak at the top has made some very treacherous black ice all down the hill. It is covered by running water so very hard to see.

22 Dec '21

Last year there seemed to be no gritting anywhere apart from the south circular which is done by TFL.
Gritting definitely happens on most streets and pavements elsewhere.

22 Dec '21

Not on Grierson Road or any of the roads leading off of there it doesn’t!
The last time it snowed, I wouldn’t go out for fear of falling over & breaking something. So my husband who has steel toe cap boots for work, went out instead & went straight over on Grierson Road because it hadn’t been gritted.
All the grit around & none seems to get used!