Archived on 6/5/2022

Christmas Tree recycling locations

27 Dec '21

Details here:

Some selected ones below (there are more further afield in Lewisham)

Blythe Hill Fields

Codrington Hill, SE23 1SP

Hilly Fields

Hilly Fields Crescent, SE4 1LE

Mayow Park

Mayow Road, SE23 2BN

Mountsfield Park

George Lane, SE6 2AR

Sydenham Wells Park

Wells Park Road, SE26 6RF

29 Dec '21

Looks like Corington Hill has already got a decent pile of unsold Christmas trees, tags still on!

3 Jan '22

Lots of ‘our of sight, out of mind’ trees already being dumped by those who simply can’t be bothered to get to a centre :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

4 Jan '22

Yep, there’s an few building up on the end of Farren Road:

You can also chop up most of a Christmas tree with secateurs and put the branches in brown bins and even the trunk if it can be made less than 50cm X 10cm, I think.

4 Jan '22

Anyone know of any local goats? !!! :rofl:

5 Jan '22

Well a good pile of trees earlier today on Blythe Hill

Also as mentioned by @ForestHull some businesses I assume have added their leftover trees to the pile, without removing the netting around them.

Some even have the label of the company Inc address, number etc they were sourced from, based in Kent, but I’ve not put that up as doubt very much this is their doing.