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TAKEN ——Free to a good home (kitchen items)

16 Jan '22

Having a big clear out as moving house. We are clean and smoke/ pet free.

2 x Italian pizza stones
Used, marks are oil as you’re not supposed to clean. Just burn off food and use again to keep it ‘non stick’.

Bodum pour over coffee carafe plus filters used but immaculate

Mini cafetière used but immaculate

Collection from Woolstone road

16 Jan '22

If the pizza stone is still available I’ll take that off your hands?

16 Jan '22

I’ve got someone who has PM’d me for them and collecting Wednesday. Just checking she wants both stones……

16 Jan '22


Happy to take only one pizza stone (along with the coffee pot and cafetiere) :+1:

Thanks Pea, I will reply to your PM asap (on phone to my sister right now).


16 Jan '22

Hi I’d like the Bodrum filter cup item if it’s still available. Kind regards

16 Jan '22

There is one stone Ryan. PM me I work from home so relatively flex if you want to get it in the next couple of days (or tonight if you’re a night owl). Cheers.

17 Mar '22

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