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Infant observations - interested family needed!

21 Jan '22

Hi all,

I’m a student on a child development and psychotherapy course at the Tavistock and as part of this need to carry out an infant observation.

To explain a bit more about the process it would initially involve meeting parents-to-be (or within the first few weeks of giving birth) for introductions and then if you wanted to be involved I would spend one hour once per week with you and your baby for a period of 1 year (with breaks for holidays - mine and yours). During the sessions I’ll spend time with you as a family to see how your baby is developing and interacting with you and it’s surroundings.

I’m hoping to start in the upcoming weeks/months so we’d ideally be able to meet for an introductions and to discuss in a bit more detail before the baby arrives. It is an invaluable experience for learning about child development and early attachment so if you might be interested feel free to get in contact with my via email (



22 Mar '22

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