Archived on 6/5/2022

Garden waste subscription

22 Jan '22

Can anyone help me with how these work?

We moved in to new house July 2020 and took out a subscription for garden waste but the bin did not arrive until November 2020.

The collection team stopped collecting our bin in December last year, 2021, - after making sure it was right out on the street (and only fully of hedge trimmings) last week the conclusion I have come to is my subscription is overdue, which makes sense as it would have been just over a year since I have the bin. So I tried to renew online but I can only renew for this financial year so will be paying £80 for collection til the end of March, and then presumably have to pay £80 again for the 2022/3 annual subscription.

Does anyone know how these work if you start a new subscription mid year?

22 Jan '22

Pretty sure they charge you £80 whatever time of year you start. Not sure if you can get a rebate of sorts.

There are so many complaints about this and people getting bins late,.but not sure the council care about this issue.

22 Jan '22

Yes that’s right. It’s £80 no matter what time of year you start. I forgot mine in2020and they came and took the bin from off the property. I didn’t want to pay £80 for2 months so I waited until April and then there was a great garden bin shortage so didn’t get it for 2 months. I’m not sure their system is particularly helpful but at least they collect all year every week provided you’ve paid, whereas some councils collect fortnightly and/or only March to October.

23 Jan '22

Thank you. I suppose I was lucky they didn’t stop collecting earlier. I might have to hide the bin now so it doesn’t get taken until I renew in April!

24 Jan '22

You can call them, they have actually answered the phone when I’ve called before!

24 Jan '22

£80? I’m sure I paid £120 last year for our bin. :face_with_monocle:

25 Jan '22

The easiest way is to phone. Their year starts in April but somehow my reminder always gets lost in spam so a couple of times they’ve taken it back, I’ve paid and got it back. Didn’t get round to it and paid the £80 a few weeks ago and have now put “pay for brown bin” in the diary for April. I don’t think they do dd.