Archived on 6/5/2022

Lost Kitten - UPDATE - FOUND!

24 Jan '22

Hi everyone - my 10 month old kitten (Neutered and Chipped) has been missing since Saturday and was last seen on Duncombe Hill SE23. She responds to Pig or Piglet and is quite vocal. She is very friendly and social but also not particularly adventurous. She would spend most hours of the day on my bed and any ventures outside were never very far from the house. She has a distinctive heart shaped mark on her side and a spot on her chin. I live in SE23 on Duncombe Hill, fairly near Blythe Hill Park. If people could please check garages/sheds as she may have gotten herself locked in. Please keep your eyes peeled and should anyone see her call 07980241378. We are desperately concerned. Thanks

25 Jan '22

Hi all - update. Pig has been FOUND!

She followed a lovely man home from Blythe Hill fields all the way down Crofton park road to his house. He clearly recognised she was lost and distressed and seeking food and shelter so did the right thing and took her in for the night. He fed her and kept her safe and spent the morning scouring facebook Lost cat pages eventually finding a post about Pig and giving me a call. I am over the moon to have my baby back. thanks to all those who kept an eye and shared information.

If this post needs to be deleted for clarity then happy to do so.

25 Jan '22

So glad she has been found - it can be dangerous out there for a tiny lost cat.

26 Jan '22

It’s so nice to hear a story with a happy ending. Good job she picked that guy to follow home, and well done him for not just shutting her out. Really glad you got her back!