Archived on 6/5/2022

No late night trains between New Cross Gate and Crystal Palace/West Croydon & East Croydon this week

8 Feb '22

The last Southern service from London Bridge operated by train will be at 2310
The 2340, 2358 and 0035 will be replacement bus services, however the information as to where these bus depart from at London Bridge are a bit vague on the National Rail website: “Rail replacement bus services are usually found outside the front of the station. However this is sometimes subject to change. Please check engineering posters or consult a member of staff.”

UPDATE 8 February 22 - One of Southern’s team on Twitter have advised the rail replacement bus services from London Bridge depart from London Bridge Street.

The last London Overground service from Canada Water to Forest Hill will be the 2308 (2315 from New Cross Gate) which will terminate at Crystal Palace. Later services will terminate at New Cross Gate but there will only be the 3 replacement bus services at approx 2355, 0013 and 0041 to Honor Oak Park and Forest Hill.

8 Feb '22

I managed to find the rail replacement bus one evening.
Go north out of the station and keep left. You should quickly see buses waiting. Finding the right one is not so easy. But it will probably turn up a few minutes before the time advertised on the departure board in the station. Also it will have a destination board on display. You need to press the button before you get to your station.