Archived on 6/5/2022

Bus Route 63 fleet upgrades

12 Feb '22

It’s being widely reported that the King’s Cross - Honor Oak route 63 bus fleet is being replaced by ultra-modern vehicles with experimental features for passengers.

South London based transport enthusiast Ian Visits has a good overview of the new buses, and also details the charging infrastructure required at the depots, rows of 150KW chargers that can give a bus a day’s charge (150-170 miles) in 3 hours.

See the full article for a description of the new features with plenty of pictures:

12 Feb '22

Love the sun roof! They look great. Let’s hope those USB sockets stand up to actual passenger use and aren’t bunged up with gum etc

I wonder whether the N63 will stay diesel or switch too. Curious about whether going up Sydenham Hill might impact batteries.

12 Feb '22

Can’t imagine many people will be using the phone holders. Too easy for someone to grab and run off with it

12 Feb '22

Yep going up hills does hit batteries. But going back downhill replenishes them (almost). A round-trip has a net altitude climb of exactly 0 metres/feet so net impact is small and presumably baked into their range calculations.