Archived on 6/5/2022

Schools / parenting group

16 Feb '22


when posting just now, I noticed the schools / parenting group is a locked, opt-in group so likely won’t be seen by quite a few people and also those not registered who might find some of the info useful?

I guess I’m not sure if needs to be an opt-in only group, and I’m not sure how many people know it’s actually there.

Anyway, just a thought, but it’s probably as relevant to some as trains, local shops etc, and people can mute topics they don’t like as well now?

Maybe a review of quite a few of the opt-in topics where they do have a local slant? Geeks for example should probably stay as that’s not really local but local ones could maybe come back?

16 Feb '22

Yes - I was aware of this when writing up the Forest Hill School report, but in some ways was more comfortable with ‘bad news’ going to a smaller and less visible group. That said it’s probably more locally relevant and so could go wider.

#Parenting-schools, like most of the opt-in categories, is also pretty low traffic, so perhaps there’s no harm in it being an open category. Logged-in members can mute categories too, if anyone finds something particularly ‘uninteresting’:


The opt-in categories are listed here: opt in categories Perhaps they are due a review as you say.

Would anyone object to #parenting-schools being generally visible and available, rather than opt-in?

16 Feb '22

No idea that group existed but very useful!

19 Feb '22

Is this group going to be made public or do people have to opt in?

28 Feb '22

Hi @moderators

Will this group be made public now? Just asking as the secondary school offer place day is tomorrow so would be a good time to open it up if that was the plan.

No worries if not!

28 Feb '22

Most people voted for it to be made public, and no one made a case not to. Therefore I think the decision is clear that it should be opened.