195 Cafe Lounge [Permanently Closed]

This place is still not open . . it looks like they have run into problems already. Have seen no activity for weeks.:thinking:

Planters filled now so may be soon

Yes. Noticed them putting the planters in place yesterday. :sunglasses:

Spoke to the owners yesterday - hoping to be opening end of next week. Will do breakfasts in the morning and tapas in the evening. Don’t have a licence so BYO with corkage fee.

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Opening today (Monday 10th June) at 6:30. Good luck to them :+1:


Does anyone have a number for the cafe ? Thank you

Popped into 195 cafe lounge today.
Decor is lovely. With different comfy seating areas. Nice ambience to the place.
I had a breakfast and my friend tried the tapas. All of which was very tasty. Coffee is good too. A gd display of cakes on offer and take away sandwiches
The new owner is very friendly and nothing was too much trouble.
Opening from 7.30-19.00 weekdays then later at the weekends. Its a bring ur own bottle venue where u pay a corkage fee of around £5 a bottle i believe. Great idea if u ask me. Has nice outside seating area too which is a rarity in these parts .
I hope all goes well for this lady. I shall definately be a regular


Probably a daft question - but the outdoor seating area… is that the front or is there also outdoor seating at the back?

Does it have WiFi? From what you’ve said it sounds a nice spot to work from every now and again.

At the front. There was no WiFi connection available showing when I was in the other day (cheese baguette and chips, not bad), but I think I heard the owner (about whom the previous poster had it spot on) say it was coming soon.

It has free wifi.


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This is a really good cafe. The food is really nice and good value, and the atmosphere very relaxed. You have to try the Canarian wrinkly potatoes. It’s an authentic taste of the Canary islands. There aren’t any sit down options for lunch round here apart from standard all day breakfast or very expensive posh all day breakfasts, so I really hope people cotton on to this place and keep it going

I had to Google Canarian wrinkly potatoes. Oh yum. They sound dangerously moreish. I will definitely give the cafe a try.

Now if some kind soul could point me to somewhere that sells Maltese date cakes like the ones at the bus station in Valletta that would be most appreciated.

Is 195 cafe still open? We went passed on Sunday morning and it was closed

It’s open and looking good this morning…

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Great news!! My other half and his mates are hoping to go there for a pre-wedding fry up next Saturday morning!

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Doesn’t open Sundays.


We had a good vegetarian breakfast there this morning. The staff were really friendly too.

£6 including coffee. What’s not to like?


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