Archived on 6/5/2022

New Labour councillor candidates selected

18 Feb '22

@LeoGibbons successor as councillor in Forest Hill ward has been selected. There is a small matter of an election but it is a small matter in Lewisham.

Congratulations to Billy Harding on the selection.

19 Feb '22

Carol Webley-Brown has been selected by the Labour Party to be the next councillor in Crofton Park ward (after an election in May).

21 Feb '22

Yes, congratulations to Billy Harding on his election.

I think this year it will be even easier as I have heard the Greens aren’t fielding any candidates and haven’t heard anything about the LibDems who in the last election didn’t play a good game fielding too many players…

22 Feb '22

Does it really matter who the Labour Party nominate around here? They could nominate a brick and it would still get elected.

22 Feb '22

True that,