Archived on 6/5/2022

Walking Group?

25 Feb '22

Is there an existing walking group in the area? Or anyone keen to create one?

28 Feb '22

I don’t know of one. Lewisham Council used to to have a Healthy Walks group but that was just an amble around local parks.

Members of the Sydenham and Forest Hill societies had an informal walking group years ago but I haven’t heard that it’s still going.

There are lots of options for local walks (either circular starting/ending from a local point, or linear ending at a place with good bus/train connections back to FH). Or further afield - Catford Station offers possibilities on Thameslink.

Anyone up for some group walks? We could start with some local ones within walking distance of home, to get to know each other first.

1 Mar '22

That sounds like a good idea, I’d be up for it :grinning:

1 Mar '22

I would be interested too, Need some motivation to get out more now. :+1:

1 Mar '22

Me too

4 Mar '22

And me!

5 Mar '22

I’d be interested too!

5 Mar '22

The Forest Hill Society is in fact planning a guided walk in conjunction with the local Street Trees ( group in mid May to explore some of the newly planted trees in the area.

However, if there’s interest we may be able to set something more regular up and help co-ordinate.

5 Mar '22

Me too please :+1:

6 Mar '22

And me.

10 Mar '22

Looks like we have a little group!

Not sure if the uploads will work but here goes. I’ve plotted a few local walks, starting and finishing in FH town centre. These are urban walks of the local area that we could try and then see if there’s an appetite for longer walks further afield. They’re also a good way to get to know the area, if you’re not familiar with it.

(If anyone is interested in serious walking, I suggest you join Blackheath Ramblers who regularly do countryside walks of circa 18 miles “at a brisk pace”.)

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Manor Mount (steep) – Westwood Park (steep) – Horniman Gardens – Horniman Triangle – London Road – Dartmouth Road – Round Hill (St Antholin’s Spire) – Albion Millennium Green – railway path back to FH town centre

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Stansted Road – Blythe Hill Fields (warning: Lowther Hill is steep but good view back towards FH) – Honor Oak Park – Devonshire Road back to FH (or could extend to One Tree Hill)

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Stansted Road – Blythe Hill Fields (warning: Lowther Hill is steep) – Ladywell Fields – river walk to Ladywell (allow time to look at ducks) – Brockley & Ladywell Cemetery (at least 30 minutes to explore) – end there or walk back to FH together

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Devonshire Road to Honor Oak – One Tree Hill – Brenchley Gardens – Camberwell Old Cemetery – Horniman Gardens

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Dartmouth Road – Kirkdale – Wells Park – Crystal Palace Park – Laurie Park Road – Sydenham – Silverdale Road – Mayow Park – Dacres Road – FH town centre

WALK 6 (warning: Physically challenging)

Start: Forest Hill town centre
Manor Mount (steep uphill) – Westwood Park (steep uphill) – Horniman Gardens (downhill) – Sydenham Rise/Sydenham Hill (very steep uphill) – Elliot Bank (downhill) – Taymount Rise & roundabout (very steep uphill) – Taymount Rise (downhill) – back to FH town centre

10 Mar '22

These are excellent routes. Thank you so much for organising. :heart_eyes:

10 Mar '22

Duncombe Hill is a little less steep if that helps anyone, just 1 road down.

Those walks look good!