Archived on 6/5/2022

Forest Hill Library - UPDATE - Donations for Ukraine

4 Mar '22

The response to our donation drive for Lewisham Polish Centre has been incredible, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to bring items in and also the people who helped sort and transport them to Lewisham Polish Centre.

We are unable to accept anymore donations. Please do not bring items to any of the libraries. Please consider donating money directly to Lewisham Polish Centre instead.

4 Mar '22

I think it’s amazing the generosity people have in these times, and the desire to help people in need.

As the centre is now at capacity, I thought I would mention that I listened to someone on the radio the other day (who worked for a charity, can’t recall which one) who said their preference was for people to donate money directly if they could as they could purchase things locally quickly, and cheaply, without having to worry about the transportation logistics, as well as having the experience and teams on the ground. So if people are able to donate money I think this is a great way to help.

I think both are donating items locally and donating to organisations are worthy options. I think the suggestion was:

And I think this one is always good:

The good thing also is these organisations will not only help people in Ukraine but also people in similar difficulties in other parts of the world like Afghanistan.

Sorry if this is going off topic, I can delete if needs be as I guess this isn’t strickly local.