Archived on 6/5/2022

Living on Kirkdale?

5 Mar '22

Hello. My family is looking for a nice residential area to move to in Forest Hill area. Spoke to a bunch of lovely locals and the community seems like a good fit.

We saw a property on Kirkdale near Kelvin Grove Primary School between the two roundabouts. The estate agent described it as a quiet residential area but the one time we went to visit, there was heavy traffic on Kirkdale road.

My concern is around noise, pollution, and the street being quite unfriendly to walk or bike with young children due to the amount of traffic.

Would you consider this street a good place to live? Or are there other streets and areas we should be looking towards?

5 Mar '22

Did you visit when the schools finish? As well as Kelvin Grove, there’s also Eliot Bank on Thorpewood Avenue near the top of Kirkdale, which is when it gets busy around there in the morning and afternoon.

Sydenham School is in Dartmouth Road as well which also contributes to traffic, but outside those times, it’s a reasonably quiet area.

6 Mar '22

I think the top has had a few knocks in the last few years, the Eliot Bank school street displacing traffic onto it and the Mais House development. I think now is probably a good time to get in as these two things will probably lead to some improvements.

It is reasonably quiet outside of school times and there is great little park called Baxters Field beside it which is good for young children.

7 Mar '22

Ah I did not know about the Mais house development. Reading up on it, it seems huge for the quiet area. Worried about potentially buying next to a long noisy construction site… And the added pressure onto local services