Archived on 6/5/2022

Bamboo removal

9 Mar '22

We’ve got some bamboo in our new garden. Thankfully it’s not near our house, but it is growing and very hard to remove yourself. Does anyone know of a company that removes it, including root, and can prevent its return? Thanks in advance.

20 Mar '22

Try Foxy tree services. They are based in Boveney Road. Were very good at removing a prunus cherry tree from our garden.
07742 308545 Michael is a very nice & helpful young man.

4 Apr '22

Turns out Bamboo removal is more of a niche than most other gardening requests. We used these guys, they were brilliant. Followed the roots and were very pleasant and so clean and tidy.

The great thing about them is unlike others, they did a free survey and offer a guarantee on the work.

Think they also do the dreaded knotweed which thankfully we don’t have.

4 Apr '22

Hi Pea… I’ve got a clump of bamboo which I’d love to see gone. Sadly the previous owners didn’t enclose it to stop the spread. Could you share a ballpark price for this type of job?


4 Apr '22

£500 for a day, 2 guys. It wasn’t big at all but the roots were vast. They were so helpful and here all day digging :hot_face: