Archived on 6/5/2022

Lack of BT broadband since 10th March

14 Mar '22

Anyone else affected? By broadband has been unavailable since last Thursday, despite raising this with BT

14 Mar '22

I think they should give you a dongle if you’re without broadband. Our deal comes with one. It’s not ideal, but can just about sustain one Teams call at a time.

14 Mar '22

Has anyone been sent the new hub 2? So you can be switched over to digital voice?
We got a letter, an email & a postcard telling us our new hub was on its way & if we wanted to keep our house phone we had to either order an adapter from BT, or order new digital voice house phones (all free of charge).
This was about a month ago.
We have the new hub in place, & new phones, but we are still using the old phones as they still work!!
Our Nextdoor neighbours got no notification after receiving the hub of a date when they would be switched over, their house phones just went dead one day.
I was rush, rush, to make sure we had everything in place, & nothing has happened!

14 Mar '22

Yes, we’re on Wyleu Street and no landline for two weeks and been using a (weak, temperamental) BT 4g mini hub since last week as wifi finally conked out. BT say they’re coming this Wednesday but not been told what they will do. Haven’t been told anything about new phones. Interesting.

14 Mar '22

Put the bt SIM card into an old phone and use it as a mobile hotspot.
Much more reliable. We lost our broadband for 3 months and this worked.
Also, don’t forget your compensation.

14 Mar '22

@bluefern yes, our BT broadband (fibre) has been down since last Thursday as well. I had to book a BT engineer for tomorrow as they couldn’t sort it out on their side. We have the new hub2 as well but don’t use the landline/digital voice. I don’t think its related. Using BT wifi hotspots for now and our mobiles to tether.