Archived on 6/5/2022


18 Mar '22

Anyone with a pond want some frogspawn? Our pond has a leak and I fear the tadpoles won’t have sufficient wiggle room to fully develop. DM me if interested.

18 Mar '22

Might be worth trying a school, they might want some to show the development from spawn, tadpole to frogs etc - I took some in when my kids were younger. However I think the idea is that they are released back into the same pond which obviously might not be possible (or might be if fixed be then?).

I think transferring far away is generally discouraged due to some frog virus.

20 Mar '22

Hello, Kilmorie school have two ponds which can offer a home to some!
Can you DM me as I don’t seem to be able to!

20 Mar '22

Hi DevonishForester,

We have a pond and would love some frogspawn if you still got some that needs a home?

Could pick up today if you’re in?