Archived on 6/5/2022

Independent retirement living in South London

31 Mar '22

I am contemplating moving an elderly parent to the UK. Ideally we would like to replicate the type of retirement housing he now has at his home. However, I’m just not sure if this type of housing exists in the UK, or if it does what options there may be in South London.

My father lives in a retirement home in which he has his own three room apartment plus bathroom. Meals are provided to all residents in a restaurant. Residents can chose how much additional support they require whether it is cleaning and laundry, up to help with dressing and bathing. The retirement home also organises a variety of events for residents from music to games to even pub nights.

This is all paid for privately, and the monthly fees are dependent on how much additional services are required. Above all, there is 24 hour onsite care should emergencies happen or a resident need help.

Does this exist in the UK? We are not looking for a subsidised housing or housing provided by the state.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Happy to also meet up with someone who might have some more insight on these matters.

And no… my elderly parent is not me.

31 Mar '22

‘Retirement village’ might be the closest to what you’re looking for.

Found this in Wandsworth:

Most common are retirement homes which are self-contained flats for people age 60+. Residents live independently and there might be a warden onsite or contactable in an emergency. But there’s no restaurant or organised activities.

31 Mar '22

A possibility in Beckenham

31 Mar '22

I dont know if the redeveloped St Clement’s Heights would be suitable? I dont have up to date contact details now, I’m afraid.

31 Mar '22

Depends what your budget is, I’ve just completed a retirement home build in west London. But it’s ££££. Has everything you’ve listed, even has its own cocktail bar, spa and library for them.

1 Apr '22

Thank you all for your excellent advice and recommendations.

This is exactly the type of facility and services we are looking for. In fact it is almost identical to what he currently has now. I’m going for a visit on Tuesday. I’d love to find some other similar ones.

It’s healthy so’d love to know the company/name.

1 Apr '22

I remember driving past this place many times, in Sydenham. At a glance, however, it may be for people with more significant health issues than perhaps your father has.

Good luck with the search.