Archived on 6/5/2022

WH Smith is 30 degrees inside

9 Apr '22

I went into WH Smith today. They have the ceiling heaters on full whack. I swear it must have been 30 degrees in there. After 5 mins I had to leave Mrs M inside to finish the shopping, I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously - why. Energy costs have doubled, why try to steam boil your customers alive? There’s no way they’re selling enough Private Eye’s to pay the energy bill. Aside from that, the climate hates you. Please stop.

At least outside I thought I’d recover, but no, there’s a man with a very large loudspeaker making full use of the reverb to tell me over and over again that Jesus is coming and that Jesus loves me. So I prayed that he could turn down the heating. Let’s hope it works.

10 Apr '22

Each branch probably has its heating controlled by head office. Full on in all WHS outlets from end of September until the end of April no matter what the local conditions or how many shoppers pass out.