Archived on 6/5/2022

Buying fresh yeast locally?

12 Apr '22

Hi, does anyone know of any local shops selling fresh yeast? Thanks

13 Apr '22


I think the health shop in Sydenham used to sell it. You could give them a ring to check. The shop is called Well Being Health Foods. If not, their sister shop in Crystal Palace may sell it (less local, but a nice excuse to go for a walk in the park :slight_smile: ).

I hope it helps, but if not, one of the many bakers on this forum may know of a place to source fresh yeast.


13 Apr '22

Thanks for the idea. I called the Sydenham store, but they didn’t have any unfortunately. Crystal Palace was a bit far for me to go today, but appreciate the thought.

I did manage to get some in Ayers Bakery, Nunhead. In case anyone needs any in the future.

15 Apr '22

Two places I used to buy from. The big Sainsbury’s in Bell Green - just go to the bakers counter and ask - always had it except once…
The other was the Polish shop near the Railway Telegraph…