Archived on 6/5/2022

FOR SALE: sofas/dining table and chairs/TVs/cupboard

15 Apr '22

Posting on behalf of a good friend, Raffaele, who is living in Tenerife and now moving there permanently so is selling up in Dacres Road rather than renting again.

The house and all contents are now for sale and he needs to sell quickly.

The following prices are guide only, he’s more than open to offers.

Items are being sold as sets but again, he’s happy to discuss options.

Item 1: Extendable wooden dining table and set of 8 chairs: £200

Item 2: wooden shelving unit: £50

Item 3: wooden cupboard: £50

Item 4: two-seater sofa: £50

Item 5: four-seater sofa: £100

Item 6: 50” tv: £100

Item 7: 24” tv: £50

Please call Raffaele direct on 07803 247479