Archived on 6/5/2022

Tapestry advice

16 Apr '22

Hi. I have this Chinese tapestry, that when my mum first bought it 50 years ago, was a real beauty. It was then stored in the garage and hence seen better days. I’m not even sure of it’s value or of what it’s made of…maybe silk, I’m not sure. Does anyone know of anyone who could mend the borders? They’re in such a state. I’m not expecting miracles and can’t be taking it to a super fancy establishment that specialises in ‘palace restorations’ but I’d like to at least take some of the shabby out of the chic.

16 Apr '22

My guess would be that you need a textiles conservator to do that properly. Search: for people who do textiles who are nearby and could quote you for the work. Getting it done properly is unlikely to be cheap though! How do you get on to The Repair Shop…?

18 Apr '22

The Royal School of Needlework do repairs. Maybe a good source of advice too?