2 Church Rise progress



I have a habit of being nosey when it comes to new developments around the local streets, #2 on Church Rise being no exception.

Progress is finally being made, so here is a “through the keyhole” glimpse of things to come.

It’s exciting to see that the plot at 25 Church Rise has also been cleared. Will it finally get a building back on it?


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Another little “through the keyhole” update. Starting to give an idea of what it is going to look like now (loosely speaking)

Will actually be exciting to see this complete and another plot back to full use.


Quick update, starting to look like a house a bit now.


It looks like a really attractive style. I’m so glad people are still building characterful houses in SE23


The front promised to be a period restoration, which it seems on course for, the back however I believe will be VERY modern.

Nice to see a little character saved .


Just realised the building now peeps over the hoarding. Gives an idea of size.


Up a bit more. And if you look closely there is a cheeky little fox photo bombing the picture.


Slow and steady progress. Looking nice so far.


That is looking really good. The building standards seem to be very good. Quite a clean site as well which is good to see.


Will have to pester my neighbour to get a look around the back to see how that’s looking.
It does seem to be taking shape nicely with a genuine reproduction look, unlike #6.
Excited to see it all done and revealed. Less so looking forward to the extra residents for the street lol


Getting there


Whilst it’s still a beautiful looking building, it’s a travesty they’re painting over all the bricks and stonework - do you know if that’s permanent, or maybe some protective layer they’re using during the construction?


It is in keeping with the original building there. Almost identical in fact so far. True to their word.


All done.

Looks grand now, which goes to show there are still some good builders out there.


@Snazy your link isn’t working.


Doh, was meant to be a picture. Hold on.


Jesus wept, that’s hideous. Sorry, but architecturally the proportions on the upper level are all wrong. And to be in keeping, it should either be painted on the ground level only or not at all.


It is almost spot on to what planning consent was given for, which is pretty rare these days.

Personally, having lived on the street all these years, and had the original there, with a botched extension taped on to it, and badly kept, it is a delight for the eyes. Especially now it is back to how it was intended dimension wise.

Has been a white house for decades lol


Out of interest Is this a detached, semi-detached or a MURB*?

The paint is really off putting. Why hide the beautiful brickwork? All the features disappear into a wall of white like the arched lintels and columns. The only reason to paint a house such as this is to renew the appearance of the render. I don’t see render here.


  • MURB = multi-unit residential building in Merkan.