2 Church Rise progress



MURB not sure how many, but is all in the planning. Guessing 6+ Parking for 1 so they say lol

No render no, just yellow bricks. Living next door to the other attempt at a rebuild of a period property, I have to say I prefer the white over the yellow any day. Just my opinion.


Underneath the paint (from @Snazy’s earlier photo):

So much more attractive. But interesting to know it was painted in its previous incarnation - perhaps this was a demand from the planners then, for continuity?



The construction of a two storey plus lower ground floor and roof space building at 2 Church Rise SE23 to provide 2 one-bedroom self-contained flats, 5 two bedroom self-contained flats and 1 three bedroom self-contained flat, together with the provision of 3 car parking spaces, 14 bicycle spaces and refuse/recycling stores.



Original building


Pretty close to replicating it. Apart from the bloody dreadful extension.


Just because the original was painted, doesn’t mean the replacement had to be. And if painted, they should have done the same and made the brick cream, leaving the stonework white for contrast.

Making it double fronted with the gabled roof in the middle is what offends me architecturally. i don’t doubt it’s what the planners allowed, but aesthetically it looks all wrong to me.


Oh the extension!! lol


It looks OK without paint, with paint, not so much. The bay windows really dont help the building.


I remember sitting down with @Michael and Hillary discussing this whole plan with the original developer way back. To be fair, from the description and drawings shown, it has stayed true to plan from the offset.

Would be interesting to see what others think of the white.


From the design statement in the planning application.


It is interesting that this statement suggest the “colour” is a modern addition. But the appearance section of the application clearly notes the brick and brick accents will be painted in a Farrow and Ball white. So I guess they lived up to the approved plan.


Oh well.


I was just picking through the statements too, and found this re the proportions.

The proposal would reinstate the scale and
proportion of the original villa whilst bringing back
to vital use the site through a considered mix of
residential units.

Was going to say, I didn’t recall the building every being brick coloured, so the estimated time of painting it makes sense, as I moved in in '81 but was only 8, so would not have remembered.

The detail in the brickwork suggests no corners were cut, so interesting to see why they decided to go with the white. Maybe just to stand out. Glad those who it doesn’t appeal to, don’t have to see it every day lol


That’s exactly what I feel they didn’t do. The gable was always on the end, not slap bang in the middle.


The design statement is an interesting read and discusses this against the vernacular on the street. Doesn’t make it right though.