2018 Forest Hill Ward Councillor Candidates - Conservative


You miss my point @ChrisBeach.

I saw no long-winded continuation - nor indeed any bickering. Indeed it has been positively respectful.

Interestingly the discussion has been relatively even handed and no-one has trashed anyone else’s stated view - usually a fundamental part of bickering.

And as you will know, the views stated are not universally held here.

I stand by my post.


I welcome Liam’s openness to hearing about our concerns – but no one said if it was already mentioned on another thread we should steer clear.

Just like you I put in a couple of things important to me. My original short post was on topic all along but having been unjustly censored I lengthened the explanation for the avoidance of any doubt. As for your insulting long-winded comment it was no longer than the wish list, your own, that kicked this discussion off, and contained a multitude of stuff discussed elsewhere on the forum.


Crikey - you have one busy day at work, and all this kerfuffle beaks loose!

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Either way, I’ll look into it.

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thanks for that - I appreciate your note and all you do for the forum. I don’t know how the process works either, maybe it was an automated hide after more than a certain no of flags were set by users. No need to reinstate it as I rewrote it further down the thread.


I’m grateful for the range of responses. I have already been having some discussions with other local conservative candidates about some of the issues raised.

I appreciate that some issues are discussed in detail on other threads so I apologise in having created some duplication by asking such an open question at the start.

@ThorNogson the local conservative council election manifesto will contain details of positions on local transport and the 20mph limits (I very much hope!); it’s still in the draft phase and I will update the thread as developments emerge. I will keep your points in mind.

20mph speed limit rollout by Lewisham Council (effective September 2016)

The Lewisham Conservatives local election manifesto is now available online:


Oh, great! While Ross Archer is busy giving private landlords another good kicking in the wallet (presumably) with his meek plan to be politically correct and -

  • Introduce a landlord licensing scheme for public and private landlords.

and mollycoddling their hard-done-by customers with another bright idea to -

  • Introduce a local tenants’ forum for both social and private tenants

I wonder if he’d be so good as to ensure that those poor tenants who kick the crap out of flats whilst spending all of their Housing Benefit on drugs, booze, fags, Sky TV and home-delivery Dominos pizzas - INSTEAD OF PAYING RENT - and, thereby, forcing the landlord to spend lots of money over a period of up to 8 or 9 months (whilst still having to diligently pay the mortgage with no rent coming in and no legal right to try to re-enter their property to halt the damage) before they have to face the devastation and pay to strip-out the faeces-ridden mess and virtually rebuild the place WHILE THE TENANT WALKS AWAY WITH NO SANCTION FROM THE LAW FOR THEIR WILLFUL DAMAGE AND DISHONESTLY WITHOLDING MANY THOUSANDS OF POUNDS THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM BY THE LOCAL COUNCIL TO HAND TO THEIR LANDLORD…

Er - got a bit carried away there - where was I?

And please don’t come back with, "Oh, well, so when all Landlords are properly licenced by our Council Officials (KNOW-NOTHING, DO-GOODER TOSSERS)…

It’s no good, I can’t do this without the Victor Meldrew in me rising up.

I am actually very sorry because I have dealt with many of Lewisham’s Council Officers who are really great at their jobs and serve the community well - but some of the other ones… PURR-LEEZE!


Thank you!

Found something i will be voting for:

  • Bring Lewisham Homes in house so there is more accountability for their decisions and service.
  • Implement a range of local plans put together by residents to ensure developments are shaped by the community and not developers.
  • Ensure all new major developments are forced to accurately and in a timely fashion consult all residents, local business and concerned stakeholders before a planning decision can be granted.

  • New ‘non-chain’ shops opening across the borough will be given a 100% discount on business rates for their first year of trading – this will help reduce empty shops on high streets and rows of betting shops.
  • I will limit the number of betting and loan shops that can open and operate on high streets, controlling the number of betting shops, casinos, pawn shops and pay day loan shops.

:+1: :+1:


I totally understand what you are saying. I heard stories when tenants had ruined flats to the points when tenths of thousands were spent by landlords to bring homes to living standards. It is awful. But there are tenants that have problems in rented properties that landlords ignore to rectify. In our block, I met a private landlord tenant who was moving out because there was no heating and the landlord was not doing anything to repair despite complaints. It think it would be fair to suggest the scheme has to be fair for both tenants and landlords to help eliminate problems that both sides are facing.


I agree Kat - but it wouldn’t be politically correct to be fair to a landlord.
The system is stacked against us - and it’s come to the point where enough is enough and after 32 years as a landlord I’m seriously contemplating selling up. Some of my tenants who’ve been paying the same £500 pm for their flats that they’ve been paying since 2009 won’t be too happy, but they’ll have Ross Archer’s mate George Osborne to thank for that!

Yes Chris - I really liked those bits as well.
Unfortunately, I’m not sure he’d be able to restrict those types of operator though until Govenment hands down new guidelines or Lewisham gets new planning policies drawn up, which is a long process.


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I noticed this:

I think central govt has potentially given more power to local govt over betting shops.


One person sleeping rough is too many, I will aim to eradicate homelessness in Lewisham by 2022

Will be voting for that too. People should not be homeless, hungry, abandoned by the society.


Thanks Chris - that’s brilliant news.

I agree with that too - but can they share them out around the borough please, instead of whacking 'em all in Miriam Lodge on Dartmouth Road.


In last year’s general election, the Conservative vote share across Lewisham increased

I’m not sure how they came to this conclusion. The figures don’t support this. The Conservative share went down in Lewisham West and Penge (-1.1%) and Lewisham Deptford (-1.2%) though it did go up in Lewisham East (+0.7%). Only the Labour vote increased in all three and in those cases in double digits between 12.3% and 16.8%

Regardless, here are the policies I particularly like in the Conservative manifesto.

  • Build 3,000 new homes a year in Lewisham. Build 1,000 new council homes over four years. Build 4,000 new affordable homes over four years
  • Introduce an Empty Homes Levy, which will be 3x the council tax on empty second homes and properties where non-residents hold the property for investment opportunities – money raised will be used to reduce homelessness
  • Almost all his transport policies

Though I imagine many of these promises are replicated to some degree by other parties as well.


I’m guessing here but they might have removed the Bromley ward figures from Lewisham West & Penge to reach that conclusion … if the Labour vote went up dramatically in those wards then it might make a difference. I don’t have the ward level voting figures to hand to verify though. It does seem like a surprising calculation given last year’s election results!

I note @Anotherjohn’s post on Landlord licencing… I’ll have a read of the new topic to follow up

Thanks for the feedback so far.


That’s very good of you - thank you.


But Conservatives have more chances than any other parties to deliver them.