2018 Forest Hill Ward Councillor Candidates - Conservative


could be, but if so several of the other posters also included suggestions for the Conservatives that have other threads. Including the 20 mph limit and the Millwall development mentioned by @ChrisBeach, but they were not censored.



Again that does not address the issue of even-handed-ness and impartiality on the part of the team.

@ChrisBeach’s post had a similar reference inter alia the mayoral system, central govt funding, council services, hegemony and unemployment - and that post has not been deemed off-topic - indeed it acted as a trigger for many issues to be raised here that had been discussed elsewhere.

In fairness to @ChrisBeach, he issued a request that @moderators deploy a light touch.

Lessons learned issues raise their head and some of them must address the uniqueness of what happened here.

On balance I cannot recall any other prospective candidate in previous elections issuing an invite to board members to respond to a blanket call to raise particular issues.


My post listed some of the issues that are important to me. I think Liam is interested to get to know our concerns.

I don’t think he was looking for bickering, or a long- winded continuation of debates we’ve had elsewhere in the forum.


You miss my point @ChrisBeach.

I saw no long-winded continuation - nor indeed any bickering. Indeed it has been positively respectful.

Interestingly the discussion has been relatively even handed and no-one has trashed anyone else’s stated view - usually a fundamental part of bickering.

And as you will know, the views stated are not universally held here.

I stand by my post.


I welcome Liam’s openness to hearing about our concerns – but no one said if it was already mentioned on another thread we should steer clear.

Just like you I put in a couple of things important to me. My original short post was on topic all along but having been unjustly censored I lengthened the explanation for the avoidance of any doubt. As for your insulting long-winded comment it was no longer than the wish list, your own, that kicked this discussion off, and contained a multitude of stuff discussed elsewhere on the forum.


Crikey - you have one busy day at work, and all this kerfuffle beaks loose!

@ThorNogson - apologies, I did notice that your post had been flagged - but as it was directed at Liam I didn’t judge it to be off-topic (which was the criteria used yesterday to agree/disagree with flags on this topic). Unfortunately I just hadn’t had the chance to log in and disagree with it until now.

Unfortunately I see that that the post has since been hidden. I’m not sure if the system has an auto hide feature if a flag is not addressed within a set period of time, of if another mod beat me to it - either not being aware that I was already keeping an eye on this topic, or of the criteria I had previously applied.

Either way, I’ll look into it.

We do try to keep moderation fair and impartial - but sometimes honest mistakes get made. I can only apologise for that :scream:


thanks for that - I appreciate your note and all you do for the forum. I don’t know how the process works either, maybe it was an automated hide after more than a certain no of flags were set by users. No need to reinstate it as I rewrote it further down the thread.


I’m grateful for the range of responses. I have already been having some discussions with other local conservative candidates about some of the issues raised.

I appreciate that some issues are discussed in detail on other threads so I apologise in having created some duplication by asking such an open question at the start.

@ThorNogson the local conservative council election manifesto will contain details of positions on local transport and the 20mph limits (I very much hope!); it’s still in the draft phase and I will update the thread as developments emerge. I will keep your points in mind.

20mph speed limit rollout by Lewisham Council (effective September 2016)