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Gutter repairs - anyone local?

9 Nov '16

I’m looking for someone to sort out a tricky part of my guttering where a tight turn means it often overflows. I need someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Possibly a roofer with a hour to spare rather than a gutter-cleaning company.

I’ve used Blue Sky Guttering before and they were very hit and miss. One team made more problems then they solved and a second team had to come out and fix what they broke. And the problem gutter is still a problem.

Sam’s Guttering - did a decent job with cleaning the gutters but then the guy who came offered to do repair work cash-in-hand and not put it through the company. So they are off my list.

What put me off both of those companies is that they run teams with basic skills to do fixed-price jobs but weren’t really interested in solving a more complex problem.

25 Nov '16

I’ve used D&J Roofing in East Dulwich for a few jobs. Been pretty good.

23 Jun '16

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24 Jun '16

I have used Bluesky guttering in the past. Not perfect, some of their teams are better than others, but quick to resolve issues so I’d probably use them again. I couldn’t comment on their ethnicity though…

4 Jul '16

thanks very much, I’ll give them a try.

14 Jun '18

London Roof and Gutter Clean.

We regularly operate in the SE23 Forest Hill and Honor Oak area, we are fully insured and provide minor repairs with all gutter cleaning services. We are trusted and lots of great feed back and five start ratings from our customers.

Please visits our website for more information

21 Oct '18

Does anyone have any up to date recommendations for gutter repairs/brick pointing?

20 Feb '20

Bumping this as I need some repair work done after the recent storms.

21 Feb '20

Albion Roofing - Owner Mark is local and does the wotk himself. Is also a which? Trusted trader. Reliable, responsive, quality, well priced. Recommended!

25 Oct '20

I recently used Sky Blue Guttering and had a good experience.

They have a standard price list based on type of house (detached, semi-, terrace), number of storeys, and if you want just cleaning or cleaning + repair. After I told them what I wanted they checked out the house on streetview to confirm the property type and quote.

Two chaps arrived on time, worked solidly for 2 hours, cleaned the gutters, replaced some damaged clips and a leaking corner piece while using a hose to test for any leaks or blockages as they worked. They charged the agreed list price of £155 + VAT. Work includes 1 year guarantee, and after all the rain this weekend I’m glad I was able to get them around.

Not quite as local as I would like, but a good service for the area.

14 Sep '21

If you’re still looking for Gutter cleaning please go to trusted locally based in East Dulwich

19 Jan '22

Had a very bad experience with Bill’s Guttering (gutter cleaning and repair) - would not recommend.

19 Jan '22

Is this company with the faux handwritten note they drop through your door?

19 Jan '22

We recently used Town & Country Roofing in Brockley and they were dreadful. Absolutely do not recommend them.

19 Jan '22

I’m looking for someone to clean our gutters so would love some recent reviews. Thanks for noting who to steer clear of.

20 Jan '22

We also had a very positive experience with Sky Blue Guttering. Good communication from the office team and the two guys that carried out the work were excellent.

20 Jan '22

yes that’s right

20 Jan '22

Thanks so much.