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Tailor / clothes alteration

15 Nov '16


I’m looking to get a pair of trousers shortened a few inches and tapered a bit more.

Can anyone suggest someone or somewhere good?

I’m on Duncombe Hill (nearer HOP)

Thanks very much!

15 Nov '16

I second Honor Oak Cleaners. Have had a few items taken up there and they do a good job.

16 Nov '16

Another vote for Honor Oak Cleaners here. Quick, cheap and a good job to boot.

21 Nov '16

Thank you, Honor Oak Cleaners it is, as soon as I can find the time to get down there.

21 Nov '16

There is also an alterations place on ewhurst rd opposit the proud sow.

22 Nov '16

You simply can’t beat Henry at M&M Dry Cleaners at the South Circular end of Wastdale Road. H’s done loads of stuff for us over the years from simple alterations, to repairing motorcycle leathers and making heat reflective screens for the roof of our camper van. He’s a proper old-school craftsman and you wonder how he does some of the things that he does for the price :slight_smile:

22 Nov '16

Nicest guy in Forest Hill is 2001 Dry Cleaners, 141 Stanstead Road. Reasonably priced too. And quick.

18 Dec '17

Hello there,
I recently joined SE23 Life so you may well have addressed this issue by now but I hope this will prove useful.
I am a local Tailor with a Studio in SE23 and a resident of HOP. I offer friendly and high quality Alterations at competitive rates as well as a wide range of bespoke services. My contact number is 07789 554256 or email me at
There is a more detailed breakdown of my services on Facebook @chalkandfeather

Hope I can be of assistance sometime in the future.
Marie Taylor