25 Church Rise plot

There has never been a building on the #25 plot - ever, as far as I can tell. It is very odd.

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There was one there many many years ago. Used to be oened by a guy called Ade. He rented the flats out and lived in one. Eventually deciding to redevelop it. As far as I recall he trusted a very local builder to take care of it. The building was demolished, and that was that.

We are talking late 80’s here.

that is very interesting - I’ve been looking into it, and every map I ever found, dating back to the very first development of the area shows the plot as empty, so I guess the building can’t have been there all that long. Thanks for that.

I did see that there was a planning application for the plot in 1992 at the same time the houses next door were built, but nothing seems to have happened. I assume that is no longer valid and they’d have to apply again now? Must be worth something!

I have to admit I did this research because I had a dream to build my own home there - but I am still waiting for the elusive lottery win :wink:

Worth noting that a couple of months back a lot of time and effort was spent clearing the site. Was really hoping to see more action on site after that but alas.
Same as on Perry Vale really by the junction with Mayow.

Possibly someone readying them for sale rather than building on them themselves?

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Aaah yes, I didn’t think of that. Either way I hope it results in something on there in a year or two.