25 free cardboard moving boxes

Hi, we have about 15 Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Moving and Storage Boxes with Handles, 39 Litre, 26 x 32 x 47 cm (originally from amazon) as well as 10 other various sized large boxes

Free to anyone who wants them, collection from gladiator street, off brockley rise.
They are all packed down and ready to go.

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Hi Emma, we can come and get them gone for you this morning if that helps?

Hi Dan, That would be great!

We are gladiator street

Let me your eta

Thank you

Hi guys!

I’m presuming these are gone, but if not would you let me know? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Ruth, they have gone but we may have some more this weekend . Is that too late? Maybe up to 10 boxes

Hey Emma, no that would be great :slight_smile: keep me posted and very happy to pick up if you do have any going spare!

Hey!! I would also be delighted to take some of these off your hands if you have any spares!!

Hi I have 15 boxes up for grabs. Can anyone collect tomorrow morning?

Hey Emma! Yes please :slight_smile: can you send your address?

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Hi Ruth

Yes I’m not sure how to send it privately so I can meet you with the boxes at the brockley rise end of gladiator street? Anytime is good


Hi @Ruthydoo and @emmatrueman

I’ll create a private message between you so you can exchange details, even if it’s the time to meet up etc.


Thanks @oakr!

Emma I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile: